Design Sprint Starter Kit

Oliver Pitsch
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This Starter Kit helps you to run your first Google Design Sprint. 

More information on the methods and tools used can be found at

The Set includes:

  • Planning Schedule (A handy timetable that assists you to not forget to order something or invite somebody.)
  • Expert Invitation List (A spreadsheet to fill out and check of to keep track of your sprint team invitations.)
  • Shopping List (A list to check off everything you need to buy.)
  • Email Templates (All my email templates for inviting people to the design sprint)
  • Introduction Slide-Deck (A slide-deck that will help you to explain the design sprint methodology to your sprint team at the beginning of the sprint.)
  • Sprint Week Calendar (A schedule that defines all methods and steps for each day of the sprint.)
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  • Size53.2 MB


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Design Sprint Starter Kit

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